The Grunt Pro $8,750 ($250 Deposit)

Regular price $250.00


$250 Deposit to secure your Grunt Pro, full retail price is $8,750+ shipping to your location.  Deposits are non-refundable. 

Whether you're cruising around the neighborhood, attracting customers to your business, or having fun with your family; the Grunt is for you! 


- Dimensions: 95”x48”x64”

- Curb Weight: 551LBS

- Top Speed: 28-30mph

- Range: Estimated 40 Miles

- Charge Time: 4-6 Hours

- Charger: 110V (Included)

- Electric Motor Info: 1500 watts

Lithium batteries 


- Back Up Camera

- LED Lights

- Windshield Wipers

- Crank Windows

- AM/FM Radio/USB Phone Connection

- Heater & Sunroof Ventilation

- Spare Tire

- Charger Included

- Air Conditioning 

Plus shipping from Salt Lake City, Utah. Please email for a shipping quote!

Why choose us?

Don't let the boring stuff keep you from thismuch fun

For us, these cars are the physical embodiment of fun. And there’s nothing fun about dealing with shipping and taxes and brokers and customs. Our job is to take all of that responsibility off of people and let them just enjoy receiving and using the vehicles.

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