Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the range? - 35 - 40 miles in ideal conditions
  • How long does it take to charge? - 6-8 hrs 
  • Where do I get parts? - Most of the parts we can get in for you or you might be able to source here in the us
  • How long will it take to get here - This time frame may vary due to many factors in the shipping world, manufacturing time. If the item is in stock we will send it out within a week or two.  On a pre-order you can expect to wait of about 10 - 12 weeks, although we are working to get this time window down significantly. 
  • What's the warranty? - Electric Import Motors is the importer of these amazing vehicles, we are not the manufacturer. Please let us know what parts are needed and Electric Import Motors can help, but we do not offer a warranty or fix these vehicles on your behalf.
  • Is it street legal ? - These are NOT DOT certified vehicles for use on roads above 25 MPH. You'll want to verify with your DMV and confirm what your local state laws are. Certain states allow these cars to be registered as a "low speed vehicle" for neighborhood, private/community property. It is similar to a golf cart.

  • How do I register this in my state? - You'll want to verify with your local state what the laws are for registering one. These vehicles are NOT made for busy streets but more for communities, properties, and neighborhood use. Commonly referred to as a Low Speed Vehicle or LVS.  If you choose to register it you will need to use the vin number stamped on all of the vehicles as well as an MSO ( manufacture certificate of origin). 

  • What is the Safety/ Liability? - These vehicles are not car replacements, rather an enclosed golf cart and should not be driven on busy roads. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure they are following proper safety procedures and to validate that the vehicle is safe to operate.  EIM is the importer of these cars and holds no liability for how a customer drives the vehicle or the safety of the vehicle itself. Please validate with your local state the legality of registering this type of vehicle as well as obey all traffic laws.  Please see full DISCLAIMER & LIMITATION OF LIABILITY here.